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textile artist / designer



プロフィール / PROFILE

2000 女子美術大学 芸術学部 工芸科 織専攻 修了 2000 Joshibi University of Art and Design Fine Arts department, majored in textile art
2000-2006 インテリア商社にてテキスタイルデザイナーとして勤務
2000-2006 Textile Designer in interior-material supply companies -artworks/textile/rug/carpet design for above facilities
2007-現在 ARAKI GALLERY 主宰 パブリックアートワークの提案/制作を始め現在に至る 2007-Present Freelance artwork designer -produce public artworks for hotels, japanese inns, residences, and retirement homes, winning favorable recognitions
2009 個展 ”ATATAKAI” 和食レストラン/ニューヨーク 2009 “ATATAKAI”, solo exhibition, japanese restaurant, New York, USA
2010 個展 ”TOMOKO ARAKI” ORIE GALLERY/外苑前 2010 “TOMOKO ARAKI”, solo exhibition , ORIE GALLERY,Tokyo,JAPAN
2011-2020 WINE-BA GALLERY 企画運営 2011-2020 Planning management WINE-BA GALLERY
2012-2013 女子美術大学工芸デザイン科非常勤講師 2012-2013 Joshibi University of Art and Design College of Art and Design Department of Design and Crafts part-time teacher
2015 ワイン酸化防止グッツ”ecoWine”の企画製作 2015 Planning, manufacturing of original wine antioxidant products “ecoWine”
2021 八丈島に移住  島の自然や廃材を活かした制作や切り絵を始める 2021 Move to hachijojima.Creating new artworks with nature of the island

コンセプト / CONCEPT


テクスチャーを出す事で立体的な深みを出し、表現の幅を広げ、その場の空気に共鳴しあえるもの、 観る人が作品によって自分と対峙する時間を持てるものを創作していきたいと考えております。

I am going to pursue infinite possibility of the textile artwork without ruled by fixed idea though there superficially is “vertica/warp”and “horizontal/weft” restriction on the textile.

Making the best of the texture , tridimentional impact can be realized and the possibility of the expression can be expanded.

Iaim to create the artworks which can be harmonized with the air in the space and which make people dialogue with themselves.